Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pictures of Diana

Many of you may recall that Cora spent the first ten weeks of her life in the nursery at our adoption agency--The Cradle in Evanston, IL.  She was lovingly cared for by nurses and volunteer "cuddlers" who ensured the babies got plenty of individual attention.  The Cradle was also so kind as to take a few dozen pictures of Cora so we could see her develop during those first few months.  They put these photos in a small album and gave it to us on the day we brought Cora home.

Cora's birthmom named her Diana and we kept that as a middle name: she is Corinne Joy Diana.  Her name was Diana during her time at The Cradle and they wrote that name in stickers on the cover of the photo album.  We keep it with Cora's bedtime books and she likes to look at it sometimes at bedtime.

After reading two books tonight she asked for the "Diana Book."  She looked through the pages and I said: "do you know this is you--Baby Cora."  She stopped on a close-up picture of her being held by a woman with only the woman's arms visible.  Cora pointed and said "Mommy." I said: "No, that's Baby Cora." "No!" she insisted "Mommy's right there" as she pointed to the woman's arms holding her.

This really touched me.  It seems like in her mind, I have always been there (and, I know Bill, too). That's certainly the way it feels from my end--I feel like she's always been my daughter.

On another note relating to our unsuccessful adoption: one of my favorite television shows, Parenthood, has a storyline regarding adoption.  On this week's show it appears that the birthmom may have had a change of heart just after birth.  This was painful to watch as it hit so very close to home--especially watching as the prospective adoptive mom sobbed in a hospital room and remembering feeling that same way not so long ago.

However, at the same time, I was very glad they had chosen to take the storyline this way.  It was somewhat healing to view and I don't believe this "alternate" adoption outcome is depicted very much in the media.  I think it could help current prospective adoptive parents watching prepare a bit more for this possibility.  We knew it was a possibility but truly didn't think it would happen to us.  I felt the show was very well done and look forward to continuing to follow it (albeit, through a few tears) in future weeks.

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  1. How wonderful that you have that book available for Cora. And that you got a glimpse into how solid you are to her.

    I thought about you when I saw that Parenthood episode. I'm glad you were able to watch it and that you think it was done well.